What are the benefits of a Hybrid? Click on the images below to find out.
  • Similar to an energy saving light bulb which uses less electricity to produce the same amount of light, the hybrid powertrain uses less fuel as the battery kicks in so you’re not wasting fuel.

    1. 40% less CO2 than same size petrol engine
    2. 1/10th of the NOx returned by diesel vehicles & No Particulate Matter emissions
    3. 0 emissions when running on electric power.
  • EV Mode - The near silent running in all-electric mode contributes to more peaceful surroundings and keeping noise pollution under control.

    The silent electric drive is of particular benefit in the morning or late at night in residential areas, in underground parking, etc.

  • Hybrid Synergy Drive delivers driving performance that can only be experienced with a full hybrid vehicle.  During acceleration, the high-output electric motor delivers a response better than is possible with most gasoline vehicles.

    The results: smooth acceleration with no shift shock and sustained acceleration power.  The acceleration performance compares to that of conventional 2l engine vehicles.

    1. Regenerative Braking accounts for 60% of the braking of the car - this means that there is a lot less wear and tear on the brake pads and they don’t need to be replaced as often.  Also the brake discs last much longer.  A potential saving of over €600*
    2. As the Auris Hybrid is more evenly balanced there is less tyre wear meaning that you can extend the life of your tyres. A potential saving of over €400*.
    3. Fuel prices - Petrol and Diesel prices are now the same - the Auris Hybrid uses less fuel, therefore saving you money.
    4. Cost of servicing - Hybrid vehicles are the same price to service as a conventional car.
    5. Very reliable - less than 2% of the warranty cost of the Prius is related to the hybrid components.

    *Based on a study of Prius fleet in the UK (214 cars) over 3years and 90, 000km.

  • Hybrid customers engage with their vehicles.  When the needle of the hybrid system indicator is in the CHARGE or ECO areas, the eco drive indicator light illuminates to inform the driver that the vehicle is being driven in an ecologically friendly manner.

    It also reduces driver stress, there are less accidents and driver satisfaction is high.

Customer Benefits