A new driving experience

The image to the right is the actual Hybrid System Indicator on the dash of your Auris Hybrid. This highlights 3 different driving stages, which are explained below:

In CHARGE regenerate and coast

When your red meter is moving in this section, you are driving exclusively on the battery, while at the same time charging the battery. You can achieve this in the following ways:


  • Start braking soon enough and stay within the CHG zone
  • Don’t brake harder than the maximum reach of the meter: braking energy beyond that point is not regenerated
  • Brake smoothly, at a constant rate, and for as long as possible.

Try coasting

  • Anticipate traffic conditions, release throttle early and allow the car to roll.  You gain free mileage and regenerate some energy
  • Gearshift in B position
    • Use only on long and steep descents
    • Adds real engine braking by the petrol engine
    • Prevents brake pads and electric system from overheating

In POWER accelerate efficiently

When your red meter is moving in this section, you are exclusively using fuel. However you can still driving efficiently in this section as outlined below:

  • Your objective is to drive in ECO zone as much as possible
  • However, to accelerate with optimal efficiency:
    1. Use full throttle for a short burst of maximum power; meter full way in PWR zone
    2. Upon reaching the desired speed, lift off
    3. Immediately depress the throttle again to put the meter into the ECO zone at the right level to maining your target speed
  • Staying in the lower end of the PWR zone when accelerating produces less noise, but is a less efficient use of the powertrain.
Auris Hybrid - New Driving Experience

In ECO maximise electric driving

When your red meter is moving in this section, you are driving on a combination of battery and fuel, which can be achieved up to 50 km/h. You can maximise your electric driving experience in this section as outlined below:

  • Hybrid seamlessly switches between engine  and electric motor as needed, allowing regular intervals of electric driving
  • Regular braking keeps the battery well charged and enables a high ratio of electric driving
  • Electric driving is not limited to 2km and 50km/h.  Accelerate beyond 50km/h, then fully release throttle and return to first part of ECO zone to drive electrically at higher speeds
  • Keep within the first part of the ECO zone, select ECO mode for ease of control
  • Confirm electric driving via Energy Monitor
  • EV remains operational in both 1st and 2nd half of ECO zone
  • Select EV Mode:
    • In residential areas for silent drive
    • In underground car parks for zero emissions
  • Combine with ECO Mode for ease of control to stay in the ECO zone
  • EV switches off when:
    • Accelerating suddenly or out of ECO zone
    • Above 50km/h
    • When battery charge is low

Note:  Driving in EV Mode is not necessarily the best choice for fuel economy – the battery will deplete and will need to be recharge by the petrol engine.